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Duck - Deer - Turkey - Hog - Small Game - Fishing - ULU Knives - Specialty Items

CajunSlick products were developed in Louisiana by lifetime hunter, retired pharmacist, and full time Cajun Pat Landreneau. Pat knows from experience that wild game react to smells and sounds that are undetectable to us mere humans. As a pharmacist Pat began "prescribing" to game. The success of his formulas spread through the backwaters of Louisiana. The secret is out! Pat's scents and "a-tracks" and drips for duck hunters, deer hunters, hog hunters, turkey hunters and fishermen are all available here online.  Along with a full line of duck calls, turkey calls, hog calls, and deer attractants and calls.

Direct from Pat to you.


Hi Pat, I bought some hog scent off you quite a while ago. I had never used until I found it a couple of months ago. Since then I have used it twice and twice I have nailed good boars with my dogs
Matthew Guest

Domestic Animal Services

  "This is 1 of the three pigs I have got using sow in heat.
I have got 1 a week in the last three weeks, Thanks this stuff works..."

Robert Norris


Duck - Deer - Turkey - Hog - Small Game - Fishing - ULU Knives - Specialty Items