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Unique products and gifts for duck, deer, turkey, hog and squirrel hunters and fishermen.
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Duck Swamp Cane



Duck call


Duck Birch Hardwood


Chein Caille Speck call


Chein Caille Speck Lifetime
hard rubber reed

(Limited supply! no longer made)


Snow Goose call


Snow Goose Hardwood

Mallard duck call


Mallard Walnut
single reed








Kooney XL
Cajun Cane Call
Double offset Mylar reed





Blue Wing Teal plastic





Mallard Call Low Brass Collar
Handcrafted out of ole' time Cajun bamboo
easy to blow - Raspy Old Hen Tone





 Bamboo Wood Duck Cane Call





Hand Made Cedar Mallard
Raspy & Loud

The Mallard Master call



The Mallard Master
metal reed


Roten's Vortex Mallard Call
(limited supply)




Mallard Walnut Single Reed Raspy & Loud



Duck Gumbo Call single reed
A Cajun favorite
Loud, Durable, No Lockups



New Wide, tangle free hand braided nylon cord. Deluxe six loop lanyard (camo parachute cord)



Duck Hunters Gift Pack

The perfect gift for the hunter,
all the necessities!

duck hunters gift pack



six loop Lanyard,
Insect repellent,
Duck call-"Swamp"

In a camo carrying pouch

With belt loops and Velcro closures.
save over $25.00 vs individual prices!


six loop lanyard with duck calls


Six loop Parachute cord lanyard with duck band clinch (calls not included)




chemical scent attractant


a legal chemical scent attractant to lure ducks and geese to your blind. It is to ducks and geese what the smell of beer and bar-b-que is to a hungry man. Brings 'em in from miles away. Lasts several weeks.




Deluxe Leather Lanyard Genuine Leather Lanyard Hand Braided



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click on the game you're stalking!
Duck - Deer - Turkey - Hog - Small Game - Fishing - ULU Knives - Specialty Items

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