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Hog Hunting
A hog goes where his nose points
and our Hog scents will draw them in for miles.


"I brought in and harvested this sow at 15 feet with your Cajun Slick Hog caller. All of the Cajun Slick Hog calls and scents create a big advantage for the hog hunter. Thanks for your help." Dan Wilcox




"Thanks for a wonderful product, this 300 pound boar was taken using your sow in heat. Again Thanks!"  
Jonathan Fentress, USDA Forest Service


"I'm 21 years old and wound up in Tuscaloosa Alabama working on oil wells so I started hog hunting some deer plots. The hog in the photo has been seen a couple of times during the past month so that's when I bought your product to bring him out of the hiding spot. It worked perfectly the hog weighted in at 250lbs with 2" tusk. I have been after this hog for a month and with your pig squealer and hog in heat liquid he came right to me. Keep up the good work. I recommend these products to anyone who wants to kill a nice hog."  Steven Lassiter

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Hog Jambalaya and Hog Dynamite
While they're rooten' - You're shooten'


Easy and quick to use. Dig a hole 6" to 8" in diameter, approximately 2' deep. Fill with Hog Jambalaya then top off with Hog Dynamite and wet with water. Lasts  four to 6 weeks.

The total weight for both packages:
43 0unces (2.5lbs plus 3 0unce)






Hog Drip

hog drip

A visual attractant containing
a scent hogs cannot resist.
Lasts for 10 to 12 months!




Sow in Heat

sow in heat scent

Concentrated sow in estrus urine. Brings boars on the run within minutes.




Hog A-Trac

hog atract scent

Squirt it around your hunting area. Attracts wild boar and sow




Boar Urine

Attracts Dominate Boars
We recommend use with our Wild Boar Grunt Call




Emits Sow grunts to attract other hogs.
Creates distress squeals of large boars in a fight.
Useful while stalking



hog call

Sounds like a piglet in distress attracts both the sow and the boar.
The sow to save the piglet and the boar to "shut the kid up".


Wild Hog Hunting Book

Covers the history of the introduction of wild pigs into the United States, the biology and behavior of wild hogs, as well as hunting methods and strategies.

This 175 page book has many action photos and has been reviewed as the top book for wild hog hunters and trappers.  There is even a  section explaining where wild hogs can be located in your state. Wild Hog Hunting has chapters for special weapons hunting (issues relevant to archery, pistol, and muzzle-loader are all covered), as well as separate chapters on dog hunting, trapping (how to make a wild hog trap), managing your land for wild hogs (either improving the hog herd on your property or trying to control them from overrunning your land), and guidelines for finding a good guided wild hog hunt. The book also covers advice on cleaning and butchering as well as a chapter on recipes and eating wild hogs.



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click on the game you're stalking!
Duck - Deer - Turkey - Hog - Small Game - Fishing - ULU Knives - Specialty Items

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